Calgary Water Heater Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Water HeaterNot getting adequate hot water volume or pressure?  Tired of rushing in the shower in fear of that inevitable shock of cold water? Let our certified plumbing technicians guide you in the appropriate direction of whether a tank repair or tank replacement is worthwhile.  Our plumbers install and repair all varieties of heaters, from the time-proven mid-efficient to the cutting edge high-efficient and hot-water-on-demand models.  Unsure of how many more years your current tank will safely last?  We strive to honestly guide our customers so that the dreaded “burst tank” is avoided.

Electric water heaters need maintenance to ensure that their heating elements are getting sufficient power to take care of all of you and your family’s hot water needs.  These heaters are routinely installed in Calgary’s newer south-east communities such as New Brighton and Copperfield for their convenience of installation, requiring no vent.  Our plumber will inspect the heater , test it, and then clean the functioning heating elements, ensuring your tank gets the most efficient heat transfer and costs you less to operate every month.  We also have quick access to stock on all major OEM parts – leaving you with quick repair service and hot water every time you turn on your tap.

A common cause of insufficient hot water is the improper installation of the hot water heater.  You can be sure that when you call Alpha Plumbing Ltd, the work gets done properly the first time! Our professional plumbers provide quality plumbing services throughout Calgary.