Our Calgary Plumbing Experts Can Find & Repair your Leaks

Leak RepairPlumbing leaks are famous for raising alarm bells with homeowners, and rightly so, as the resulting damage and repair costs can be considerable.  At Alpha Plumbing, our plumbers are well versed in plumbing Leak Diagnostics, literally enabling us to spot leaks before they actually happen!  It is not uncommon for us to locate a fully corroded pipe, a joint,  or a pipe on the verge of failure.  Let us ease your fears with a comprehensive diagnosis of the health of your plumbing system before disaster strikes.  We can then properly advise you as to what the risks, solutions, and costs will be.  The end result is a home that is leak free and dry.  We all want that comfort!

Leaking faucets and Leaking shower valves are also a common issue in Calgary.  Not only is there the annoyance of the rhythmic sound of dripping water, but that sound also translates into money being poured down the drain.  A leaking faucet or leaking shower valve in Calgary can waste up to 6 gallons per day, leaving your monthly water bill unnecessarily inflated.  The good news is that when leaking taps are noticed quickly, they can usually be fixed by a washer or cartridge replacement.  Our plumbers can expertly guide you as to whether a part replacement is recommended or if it would be more economical to install a new faucet.