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Calgary Furnace Service and Repairs

Just like any other equipment or technology, your home furnace will need periodic tune-ups and service. When you set up a furnace service and maintenance appointment with Alpha Plumbing, you’re taking the right steps to extend the lifetime of your furnace and helping it to run efficiently throughout the cold Calgary winter.

With proper maintenance you can expect your furnace to run between 8 – 18 years before you will need to consider replacing your furnace, which is one of the more costly expenses to owning and maintaining your home.

You can count on Alpha Plumbing for a full furnace inspection, beginning with a complete visual examination to check that all of the features of your furnace and duct system are operating as they should, and inspecting for any signs of excessive wear. In some cases, some of your furnace components may require lubrication to reduce friction, a good cleaning, or individual components may need to be replaced.

Alpha Plumbing’s friendly technicians will look at more than just the machinery of your furnace. We’ll also inspect your home’s air filters to ensure they’re clean, replace them if necessary and make sure you’re not suffering from restricted airflow.

One easy, but often overlooked, aspect of furnace maintenance is to focus on your thermostat and to review your settings – is your thermostat actually set to cool or heat? We’ll check! It’s also a great opportunity to check on your power source. Sometimes the thermostat battery has worn out and replacing the battery is all that is necessary.

As a final step, before writing up the work we do and providing you with a complete report, we’ll also check on your air vents ensuring they are open throughout your home. There is a common misconception that closing vents in rooms you don’t use often will save you money, but this practice can increase the pressure inside your furnace system which makes it work harder to keep your home warm, raising your energy costs and reducing the overall efficiency of your furnace.

What can you expect from Alpha Plumbing following Your Calgary Furnace Service?

Following a furnace service or furnace maintenance appointment, you should see increased efficiency with your furnace and in some cases a lower energy bill. You’ll also enjoy cleaner air in your home and may notice less dust throughout your home.

Don’t wait until your furnace breaks down. Get a trained Alpha Plumbing furnace repair professional into your home today and keep your house warm all winter long.

Schedule your Furnace Service or Furnace Repair with Alpha Plumbing today. Call 403-589-7843 or visit our contact page and send us a note. We’re open seven days a week to service our Calgary customers.

Stick with Alpha Plumbing for your residential or commercial furnace needs and stay warm!