Common Problems with Conventional Gas Furnaces

Common Problems with Conventional Gas Furnaces

Many Calgary homes have old, conventional gas furnaces that were installed quite a while ago and are prone to a problem or two.

Often, these problems strike at the least opportune times like in the dead of winter when we most need our heating, hot water, etc.

Understanding how your gas furnace works and the common problems associated with these devices is a big step toward troubleshooting any issues that do arise.

Here, we look at the most common problems we see when Calgary homeowners call us out for emergency visits to fix their gas furnaces…

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How does a forced-air gas furnace work?

“Conventional” gas furnaces are rated up to 89 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) — as opposed to high-efficiency gas furnaces, which operate at 90–95 percent AFUE.

You first need to determine what type of furnace you have. A conventional furnace usually has a standing pilot light and is likely to vent exhaust gases through chimney flues. This is instead of PVC piping, which is used in high-efficiency furnaces to remove acidic condensation and for air intake.

Whether conventional or high-efficiency, a forced-air gas furnace will need to cycle through the following steps:

  • Take in cold air
  • Clean the air with an air filter
  • Heat the air with a gas burner using a steel heat exchanger
  • Distribute the warm air with a blower motor through your home's ductwork

The air that is heated by your gas furnace cools down as it is distributed throughout your home. It returns (cooled) to the furnace through return air grills and ductwork, passing through the air filter into the furnace to complete another heating loop. A humidifier may be mounted on the furnace.

Common problems encountered with a gas furnace

Conventional furnaces are generally quite basic in design but susceptible to the following common problems as the years roll by (especially if they have been installed poorly):
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Now you know what the most common problems are with conventional gas furnaces, you may be wondering if you can fix problems yourself.

Unless you have considerable experience with furnaces, it’s generally best to call a professional as soon as you detect a problem. Basic periodic maintenance can help prevent these types of problems from occurring in the first place.

Speak to Alpha Plumbing to arrange maintenance or repairs of your gas furnace. All services are covered by our one-year guarantee for parts and labour.

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