Common Furnace Services & Repairs

What to Expect

If you order an annual furnace service from the team at Alpha Plumbing, it’s more than a light tune-up.

We go deep “beneath the hood” and check every furnace part that can go wrong. Every component is inspected for faults or damage and flagged for cleaning or, if necessary, repair or replacement.

It’s only after a thorough maintenance check that you can feel at ease with your furnace as you head into the winter, safe in the knowledge that it isn’t going to fail from problems that were avoidable and could have been fixed months ago.

Most homeowners only order a service when something goes wrong. Preventative furnace maintenance saves you from that situation and ensures you heat your home with maximum efficiency and without the constant threat of sudden breakdowns.


If you need assistance with maintaining or repairing your furnace, call Alpha Plumbing, Calgary plumbing & heating experts, at 403-470-5785 to arrange an honest assessment from a qualified technician.

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What does a furnace inspection from Alpha Plumbing look like?

Calgary Furnace Inspection

A furnace service and inspection is a preventative service designed to keep your furnace working in tip-top condition all year round. It should be performed at least once a year.

An inspection involves a thorough check and tune-up of all of the main components of your furnace system from head to toe. Then we adjust, clean, test, lubricate, repair or replace them, as required.

Just to be clear – this is not a service you order when something breaks down and you have no heating. It is designed to prevent that from happening. It saves you from expensive repairs, extends the life of your furnace and, yes, spares you the icy-cold mornings in winter with no heating.

Annual Furnace Service

Our annual furnace service includes a 19 point service & inspection, documented on Ipad, performed by a certified technician.

Service includes:

  • Flame rods removed, cleaned - re-installed

  • Main burner box clean + dust removal

  • Main blower box clean + dust removal

  • Filter replacement

  • Performance check on inducer motors

  • Performance check on blower motors

  • Combustion check

  • Ignitor inspection

  • Heat exchanger inspection

  • Venting and condensate removal inspection

Fan Coil/ Air Handler Service

Fan Coil / Air Handler Service includes a 12 point service & inspection, documented on Ipad, performed by a certified technician.

The service includes:

  • Main blower box clean + dust removal

  • Fan coil inspection. Note signs of leakage and corrosion

  • Filter replacement, assuming filters are on-site and available

  • Airflow check

  • Performance check on blower motors

  • Condensate removal inspection

Main furnace maintenance checks & Replacement Parts

Calgary Furnace Maintenance

40VA furnace transformer replacement

Combustion analysis is a vital element of any furnace tune-up. This tests the heat exchanger in your furnace system to ensure that it’s working safely.

A thorough combustion analysis needs to be more than a simple visual inspection. You need to check for hairline cracks, which can lead to carbon monoxide leaks. This colourless, odourless gas is poisonous, and its presence can create health risks for you and your family if you don’t take steps to detect it early.

Our technicians insert a combustion analysis tool into the flue pipe of your furnace to check the safety of the system.

Flame rod removal and cleaning

If your furnace keeps starting up and then shutting off without apparent reason, it could be due to a dirty flame sensor.

Removing and cleaning your flame rod is a relatively simple process, but most homeowners still like to leave it to the professionals.

The flame rod is located at the burner assembly, in front of the flame stream. It is a thin, bent, metallic rod that confirms to the system when the gas valve is open that a fire is present. If it becomes dirty from carbon or dust buildup, it might not detect a flame, and it will cause the system to shut down.

To clean it yourself, use a little sandpaper, steel wool, or emery cloth and clean paper towels.

Flame rod removal and cleaning

Occasionally, the problem is a little more serious than a dirty flame rod.

If the flame rod is somehow damaged, we will need to replace it. It’s not an item that your local hardware store is likely to stock so we may have to order it.

Gas valve replacement

The gas valve is a simple but critical part of the fuel system in gas-fueled forced air furnaces.

The valve opens and closes to allow the flow of gas to the pilot light and burner(s). In fact, what we call the gas valve is two valves positioned one after the other in the system.

The primary valve (“safety valve”) supplies gas to the pilot light and the second valve (“main valve”) allows gas to flow to the burner trays.

If the furnace gas valve is not working, the thermocouple may not be generating enough voltage to keep the safety valve open. If not, this can be replaced. Otherwise, the entire furnace valve may need replacing.

Humidifier cartridge replacement

The furnace humidifier helps to keep the air quality in your home comfortable, especially during a Calgary winter when the air becomes dry. The humidifier effectively “moisturizes” the air.

If it stops working efficiently, it might be due to a dirty filter.

For best performance, the humidifier’s filter should be changed every two to three months, and it should be part of the regular furnace service you perform. Calgary’s hard water makes this even more essential (to prevent the buildup of limescale).

Furnace ignitor replacement

The furnace ignitor failing is a common fault that we will check during a standard service/maintenance call.

If there is no heat at all, the ignitor may be the culprit.

Providing the thermostat setting is correct, the inducer motor is turning, there is nothing wrong with the pressure switch and there are no electric board issues, it could be the furnace ignitor causing the problem. Fortunately, that is a relatively quick, easy and cheap fix.

Furnace condensate pipe re-work

The condensate pipe is an important part of your furnace, removing the moisture that is released when you heat your home and emptying it outside of the house.

With our winters here in Calgary, it’s easy for the condensate line to freeze. As part of the furnace maintenance check, we will ensure that your system is set up not to do that with correct insulation and rework the pipe system if necessary.

Fan coil maintenance

Fan coils are components of HVAC systems and furnaces, supplying heating or cooling and consisting of a heat exchanger or coil, a fan and an air filter.

The air filters need regular cleaning (every few months) and the entire system needs an annual check to prevent leakages and mould formation. Motor burnout is another possible consequence of a poorly maintained fan coil system.

Bypass/flow-through humidifier installation

Bypass humidifiers use the blower motor of the furnace, meaning that the furnace must be working for the humidifier to work and extra ductwork is required.

Fan-powered humidifiers are simpler to install and use their own fan to push air through the unit so they can operate independently of the furnace.

The water panel of both types of humidifiers must be changed annually. We can install either type of system and help you look after it.

Modine Low-Pro
garage heater installation 45k – 60k BTU

The Modine Low-Pro garage heater is a recommended heating solution for residential garages and workshops in Calgary. With a compact design and versatile installation options, it frees up workshop space.

The heater has a quiet operation, runs on propane or natural gas, and is available in multiple model sizes – most homeowners require between 45k and 60k BTUs.


If you need assistance with maintaining or repairing your furnace, call Alpha Plumbing, Calgary plumbing & heating experts, at 403-470-5785 to arrange an honest assessment from a qualified technician.

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