Gas Fitting Services for Calgary residence so you can barbeque

Gas Fitting: Trust the Professionals

Barbecue Season Safety

Summer is here, and with the warm weather, many Calgarians are considering the purchase of a new barbecue.

If you are in the market for a new natural gas barbecue, or need to hook an existing one up to a gas line, your best bet is to rely on the skills of a professional gas fitter.

Did you know that a professional plumber is the person to call for this service? Not only do plumbers manage and maintain the water systems in your home, the plumbers at Alpha Plumbing are also experienced and licensed as gas fitters.

Gas fitting involves linking your gas burning appliances to the gas main in your home. Due to the potential risks associated with this process, it is in your best interest to trust a professional to get the job done. If performed by a professional, you should have no problems with gas leaks or improper gas flow after your fitting. If gas fitting is done wrong, there is a risk of gas leakage, fire, explosions, improperly functioning appliances, and expensive gas bills.

Check out the many duties of a gas fitter as stated on the Government of Alberta website. As with plumbers, gas fitters also must be licensed and certified in Alberta. For your protection, always inquire about certification, licensing, and insurance when negotiating a project with a gas fitter.

Gas Fitting

Professional Gas Fitting Services

We know to contact a licensed gas fitter when hooking up a natural gas barbecue, but what other services do gas fitters provide? In Alberta, a majority of our water heaters are also fuelled by natural gas, and will require a certified gas fitter to install and maintain. Many other common appliances also run on natural gas, such as stoves, ovens, fireplaces, and patio heaters that are hard-piped to our gas mains. The professionals at Alpha Plumbing can assist with installing gas lines and gas pipes, hooking up appliances to gas lines, maintaining and repairing existing lines and pipes, and replacing old lines and pipes inside and outside your home.

In addition to hooking up your appliances and maintaining your gas pipes and lines, emergency situations require that a qualified Calgary gas fitter be contacted. If you smell gas in your home or suspect a nearby gas leak, leave immediately and contact a professional gas fitter. Improperly installed and maintained gas lines are not only a health hazard, they can also be the cause of an explosion or fire. Never take that chance. Have one of Alpha Plumbing’sprofessional, certified technicians identify and fix the problem immediately.

Why Trust a Professional Gas Fitter?

Gas is volatile and dangerous. For your own safety, and the safety of those around you, leave this area of home maintenance up to a licensed professional. Appliances need to be installed professionally to ensure that they are working properly and don’t pose a danger to you or your family. A professional installation is also a benefit to your product warranty and insurance.

At Alpha Plumbing, our knowledgeable Calgary gas fitters are experts at commercial and residential gas pipe fitting, and can show you how proper line sizing, pressure regulation, and piping practices assure your gas system stays safe, is cost-effective, and functions indefinitely.

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