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Calgary Water Softener & Filtration

Calgary’s hard water can be detrimental to our personal health, as well as our plumbing systems. While we are blessed with our tap water being both safe and delicious to drink, the calcium content causes unwanted complications.

In Calgary, we are already familiar with living in a dry climate. Many of us reach for our favourite moisturizers and skin ointments multiple times a day, doing our best to keep our skin healthy and crack-free. We mostly blame this habit on the dry Calgary air forgetting that our calcium filled hard water is a leading contributor to this issue.

  • Does your dishwasher struggle to clean your dishes and glassware?  
  • Have you replaced this dishwasher thinking that it was to blame?  
  • Do your shower doors and faucets have ugly white stains on them that test your patience and energy to clean?

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Our water softening system installs come with a full warranty. We can explain the full process and installation to you. Call us to discuss your new water softener system at (403) 589-7843.

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Hard water stains

The mechanical parts of dishwashers, plumbing faucets and fixtures, washing machines and hot water heaters all suffer from the scale that is known as “hard water stains”. In short, the added deterioration and wear and tear on your household appliances needs to be kept in mind when factoring in the true cost of owning a home.
You already know that your skin and hair are not the only things suffering from hard water.
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Thankfully, we have water softener packages that will fit every need and budget.

We install professional grade softening systems that are appropriately sized for your particular water demand and flow rate needs. The days of softeners regenerating on a timer regardless of water use, wasting valuable water are now gone.

The state of the art systems we install have a built in water meter regenerating only when it needs to! After shopping at the box stores our customers end up being pleasantly surprised at how affordable our softener packages are compared to some of the lesser quality, designer brand selections.

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