Spring and Summer heating in a Calgary house

Spring & Summer Presents A Great Opportunity To Upgrade Your Heating System

With warm weather approaching, a natural break appears in the workload of your home heating system here in Calgary. This break presents a great time for much needed upkeep, maintenance and checkups. It also leaves many asking themselves a very important question, when should one consider an upgrade in their home heating system?

There are many factors in answering this question:

  • What are your plans for the home and do you have a budget for home improvement?
  • What condition are your current heating appliances in?
  • How costly are the yearly repair bills for these appliances?
  • How costly is your monthly gas bill?
  • What is your current hot water setup and what is its condition?
  • If you have to prioritize upfront savings vs longterm economy, how would you do so?

Overwhelmed yet? What this exercise should demonstrate is that we always start by having an upfront honest and open discussion about your individual needs and plans. This helps us craft a tailored approach and proposal that fits YOU. For furnaces, we are limited to high efficient models due to government regulation. Within that category, the options range from our single stage heat, to multi stage heat/cool models. Once a furnace is selected, we can further fine tune our approach to provide your home with multi room zoning, optimizing your comfort levels throughout your home. 

For boilers, our approaches range from the simple single zone heating, to multi purpose units heating in-slab, fan coils and domestic hot water. New technology from IBC, Superhot and Weil McLain boiler manufactures gives installers the ability to heat your home and potable bathing water with a single, high efficient gas appliance. This strategy literally deletes old, inefficient gas guzzling appliances from your monthly bill, turning this system into an investment that reaps dividends over time. 

Whatever your particular system needs are, give us a call to chat. Not only do we love talking about what we do, we get a kick out of helping customers find creative solutions that make their lives easier and their homes’ more comfortable!