Water Softener treatment for Calgary home Faucets

Whole Home Water Treatment

In Calgary, we are blessed with having clean, relatively delicious tap water running through our homes. While the stock taste may be OK to some, there are less obvious concerns that homeowners should be aware of:

The hardness of water plays a big factor on how our home hot water tank, dishwasher and laundry appliances perform. Throughout Calgary, total hardness can exceed 25 grains (soft water is 0 grains hard, as a comparison). Hardness measures the amount of calcium and magnesium ions in the water, which can visually be identified as the white buildup on shower heads, faucets and inside dishwashers. Other areas where water hardness is detrimental but less visible includes inside boiler systems, on demand water heaters and throughout your homes’ water pipes.

If hard water is your issue, we install state of the art water softening systems by Aquapura & Autotroll. No longer do our water softeners regenerate on a timer, wasting water and flushing money down the drain. The units we spec regenerate on demand, meaning if you are not using soft water, you are not wasting water on regeneration cycles! Contact us today to discuss how soft water can help prolong the life of your homes appliances 403-589-7843.

For a delicious home filtration drinking water option, we stock Carbon filters which eliminate taste & odour. These filters come in different sizes and configurations, meaning we can choose an option that fits your particular setup. Whether you would prefer filtered water at 1 or 2 faucets, or your entire home, we can provide a carbon filter configuration that delivers fantastic drinking water in a very economical price package.

Let us help you stay hydrated!