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Boiler Safety and Boiler Inspections

Boiler Safety and Boiler Inspections - A practical Checklist for Plumbers and Homeowners

There is a systematic approach to inspecting a residential boiler to ensure it’s working optimally and safely.

If you are a property manager or a new homeowner in Calgary with minimal boiler experience, Alpha Plumbing can assist you. We are happy to come on site and inspect your boiler.

During a boiler inspection, we will review:

  • That your boiler is compliant with all city and provincial code requirements;
  • That there are no signs of corrosion, debris, or degradation of the boiler system itself;
  • That all boiler parts have been tested and are safe for proper operation;
  • That all shut off valves are closed and do not leak;
  • That there are no signs of over-heating or excessive wear on the boiler system that may reduce boiler efficiency.

Alpha Plumbing in Calgary trains and hires the best boiler experts and technicians in the city. Our boiler experts are certified, licensed and insured, as well as up to date on boiler technology and best boiler maintenance practices. We work on all boiler brands, and can recommend the best boiler systems to you.

To ensure we do our best work, we consult each boiler guide as recommended by the boiler brand that has been installed. Checking that any nuances unique to your boiler model are addressed during the inspection is very important. Once we are finished with your boiler inspection, we provide a thorough report to keep an accurate log of your boiler updates and service calls. This document provides you with a history of your boiler maintenance and inspections which can be valuable in trouble-shooting future problems with your boiler and is a great resource if you decide to sell your home in the future. After an inspection is complete, you also have the option to schedule a boiler maintenance in the future.


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Your Basic Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Now that you're ready to inspect your boiler:

  • Take a look around and underneath your boiler to see if you can spot any leaking water.
  • Remove any items that may butt up against your boiler. You do not want to cause any kind of obstruction to the boiler itself; this area should be kept clear and allow for easy access to the boiler.
  • Read the temperatures on your residential boiler as well as the pressure readings and consult your home boiler guide. You want to ensure that the temperature and pressure you report falls within the normal guidelines of your boiler system.
  • Take note if there are any error outputs on the boiler system itself, and again consult back to your boiler guide to determine if you will need a boiler technician from Alpha Plumbing to service your boiler.
  • Consider the ventilation for your boiler. You want to make sure the boiler ventilation is free of obstruction and allows for clear airflow.
  • Listen for any unexpected sounds or vibrations from your boiler. If the sounds seem inconsistent, it could be a sign that your boiler needs service.
  • Consult Alpha Plumbing before changing any setting on your boiler that you are unsure of.

If you are concerned that your boiler may break down or require repair, or if you have noticed rising heating and utility costs, please contact Alpha Plumbing now at 403-470-5785 and get answers to your boiler questions, or book a consultation for a professional boiler inspection.

How to Care for Your Home Boiler

The most important step in caring for your boiler is to read the owner’s manual. It’s not uncommon for home owners and property managers to misplace their boiler guide. Sometimes the easiest way to get a copy of your boiler guide is to search online.

For example, if you have a Goodman brand boiler, you could search Goodman + your boiler model + PDF to get a PDF download of your boiler. Alternatively, you can reach out to the boiler manufacturer and ask them to mail you a second copy of your boiler owner’s guide.

Once you’ve read through your boiler guide, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the equipment within your boiler, what it should look, and what it sound like if it’s running in good condition.

Get Your Professional Boiler Inspection Today

When you call Alpha Plumbing to service or repair your boiler, we will rigorously inspect the entire boiler system, identify any key issues and provide you with a repair program to rectify the boiler problems.

Common boiler inspection tasks include:

  • Inspecting then cleaning your boiler heating exchange;
  • Checking the wiring of your boiler to make sure it’s in good condition and connected;
  • Inspecting and cleaning the igniter, flame sensors and burner assembly;
  • Reviewing the ventilation;
  • Checking your control setting to make sure they are set right for your comfort.

A dysfunctional boiler can not only become inefficient and cost you money, but may also release gasses into your home that can lead to sickness and death. Alpha Plumbing recommends not only keeping up to date with boiler inspections and services, but also having a carbon monoxide detector plugged in near your boiler and furnace room

For more information on Boiler Maintenance, Boiler Repair or Boiler Installation, reach out to your residential and commercial boiler experts at Alpha Plumbing in Calgary.

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