Low Water Pressure Repair

Water Pressure Repair Services for Calgary Homes

Low Water Pressure Repair

Water Pressure Repair Services for Calgary Homes

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Low Water Pressure Repair Services

Low water pressure is one of the most common plumbing complaints reported by Calgary, AB, homeowners.

Water trickling out of the shower or faucets can make cold mornings or washing the dishes very difficult. Many residents call to find out how the problem can be fixed.

Low water pressure may be caused by a plumbing issue, how water is being used in the home or a more general problem with how water gets to your home.

The professional plumbers at Alpha Plumbing will help you identify the cause and recommend measures to fix the pressure. Fortunately, most water pressure issues are fixable and we can work with you to restore good pressure.

A fixture needs servicing

If low water pressure only affects one fixture in the home, such as the shower, the fixture likely needs some maintenance.

With mineral-rich hard water from the Rockies supplying Calgary homes, it’s easy for mineral deposits to form inside faucets and shower heads. Limestone, sediment, or rust buildup inhibits the free flow of water and this needs to be periodically removed to maintain good pressure. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the fixture.

A leaking or clogged pipe

If the water pressure issue is mainly confined to one area of the home, it may be due to the pipes. A leaking or clogged water pipe will reduce the pressure and may cause water damage in the home.

Check under the sink and behind water-using appliances for signs of dripping or pooling water. If there is a leak, you’ll need a professional repair from Alpha Plumbing.

A constriction in the water line will reduce pressure too. Pipes in older Calgary homes are particularly susceptible to this issue.

A problem with the main water valve

If the low water pressure is affecting all areas of your home, firstly make sure that the main water valve is fully open. Someone may have shut it off and not opened it properly

Usually, the main water valve is located near the water heater.

A problem with the hot water tank

A more difficult fix is if there is a problem with your hot water tank. A leak will reduce water pressure in your home and may require a replacement tank to be installed.

If it is just a valve problem, this may be fixed with a little cleaning and maintenance to remove mineral deposit buildup.

When your water pressure is low, it has a negative influence on the quality of life in your house. Everything from showering to cleaning dishes to doing laundry may become longer and more difficult activities.

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What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure may affect only a specific fixture in your home, like one faucet or the shower—or it might be a more general problem in every room.

Many factors can contribute to the problem, including the following:

Too many people using the water

It’s common for busy households and neighbourhoods to experience a lack of water pressure when many people use water at the same time of day.

If everyone uses water at the same time, the municipal water supply may not be able to match demand. If you suspect this is the problem, contact your local water supplier and see what they recommend.

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What Steps Can You Take to Increase Water Pressure in Your Home?

The steps you take will depend on what you have identified as the cause of the water pressure problem but it is likely to involve one or more of the following:

Contact your neighbors

Check if your neighbours are experiencing similar water pressure issues to your home. If so, the problem may be due to Calgary’s municipal water system and you may join forces to ask for the City’s assistance to fix the problem.

Check that your main water valve is fully open

This one is an easy fix that you can do yourself. Once you’ve located the main water valve, fully close and fully open it a few times and see if the water pressure corrects itself.

The valve may have been partially turned off accidentally, and this would affect the flow of water into your home.

Check the well pump

If you don’t receive water from Calgary’s municipal supply, you likely have a well drilled in the ground.

The well pumps supplying water to these homes come in several different designs (centrifugal, submersible or jet) and may have developed a problem that needs fixing. These pumps do require maintenance from time to time.

Test the city water pressure

You can use a water pressure test gauge to test the city water pressure by screwing it onto a hose faucet and turning on the tap (with all faucets and water-using appliances in your home turned off).

This will help you either rule out or confirm that the problem lies with the city. A reading of below 50 psi could point to a low water pressure problem with the municipal supply.

Clear any pipe blockages

Clearing mineral deposits from pipes is an obvious step to take if you have isolated the pressure problem to pipes in a certain area of your home. It’s best to get a professional to look after this.

Cleaning the pipes will expand their diameter and help water to flow more freely, hopefully restoring the pressure.

Replace the regulator

If your home relies on City of Calgary, AB, water, you may have a regulator located either at the meter or where the service line enters the home. Its job is to ensure that water doesn’t rush through the pipes and cause water hammer.

A malfunctioning regulator will reduce the water pressure. To solve the problem, call Alpha Plumbing.

Check for leaks

We’ve already covered this step above. Don’t ignore leaks as they can cause costly water damage as well as pressure issues. Leaks may be in the pipes or the water tank—either way, they should be checked and the leaking part either fixed or replaced by a professional plumber.

To conduct a more scientific test for a leak, switch off all indoor and outdoor faucets, turn off the water valve, and make a note of the meter reading. Check in two hours and take the meter reading again. An increased reading usually means that there may be a leak that needs troubleshooting from a professional.

Install a home water pressure booster

If your water must travel uphill and a great distance from the municipal water source before it reaches your home, it is likely that the pressure will be impacted.

For general water pressure problems in your neighbourhood like this, you may find that the only solution is to install a home water pressure booster.

This is a generally affordable piece of equipment though it will increase your monthly electric bills. It should be installed professionally.

When Should You Call a Plumber to Fix Your Water Pressure?

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to call the professionals at Alpha Plumbing if you suspect any of the following are causing your home’s water pressure problems:

Fix Low Water Pressure in Calgary

If your Calgary, AB home is experiencing low water pressure, an experienced plumber from Alpha Plumbing will visit your home and discuss your options.

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