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Combi Boiler Services for Calgary Residence

Combi Boiler Maintenance and Installation Service

If the boiler in your Alberta home or business is not heating water, underperforming, or otherwise giving you concern, it can be a freezing experience that needs fixing ASAP.

For the best course of action, you need the opinion of independent and professional boiler technicians.

Minor problems can be repaired but persistent or serious problems may require a new boiler installation. This may be more cost-effective and more convenient in the long run.

However, whose advice do you listen to when your boiler needs troubleshooting? At the end of the day, a boiler salesperson wants to just sell boilers!

Calgary Combi Boiler Services

What Is a Combination Boiler?

A combi boiler looks after your home’s heating requirements as well as the hot water supply.

It gets its name from combining the role of a traditional boiler with that of a water heater, rolling two appliances into one.

With a traditional boiler, water stored in a water cylinder is heated and transferred to a hot water tank, from where it is distributed around the home.

A combi boiler requires no water storage tank. It draws in cold water directly from the mains and heats it as required. It is sent either to heat the radiators in the home or to the water lines in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc., as and when hot water is required.

With some combi boilers, a small storage tank can be added if your hot water demands are higher than average and the boiler does not meet your requirements.


Combi Boiler Installation in Calgary

For Calgary, AB, boiler installations, experienced gas boiler technicians from Alpha Plumbing will visit your home or business.

We will provide several flat-rate options in writing so that you can make an informed decision about your boiler and there are no surprises.

Flexible monthly payments will be available if required and all work is covered by our one-year guarantee for parts and labour.

Combi Boiler Frequently Asked Questions

Considerations Before Selecting a Combi Boiler

What are the benefits of a combi boiler?
There are several benefits of a combi boiler over a traditional boiler system:

  • It is compact and saves space as no water tank is required
  • It delivers mains-pressure water to faucets and showers
  • Installation is generally quicker as less pipework may be required
  • Running costs may be lower than a traditional system—especially with condensing combi boilers
  • No preheating of water is required
  • Relatively easy to maintain and repair

How does a combi boiler heat exchanger work?
A combi boiler has two independent heat exchangers:

  1. For the radiators (this is the primary exchange)
  2. For the hot water supply (the secondary exchange)

The radiators receive hot water according to your heating settings and the boiler also heats water directly from the mains (clean water supply) when a hot tap is turned on anywhere in your home.

What is the best shower to use with a combi boiler?
The best type of shower to use with a combi boiler is an electric shower or mixer shower.

An electric shower provides instantaneous hot water, retrieving cold water from the mains and distributing it around the system’s internal heating unit.

A mixer shower connects to both the hot and cold water supplies, adjusting water flow and temperature using a shower valve or the taps.

You should avoid power showers with combi boilers. Power showers have an internal pump and this makes them incompatible with combi boilers due to the additional force they create potentially leading to excessive pressure.

Are combi boilers only suitable for small homes?
No, it is a myth that the flow rates (outputs of hot water) from combi boilers aren’t sufficient for use in larger homes.

Homes with five bedrooms, with a bath and two showers, regularly install combi boilers with no issues.

Besides, some combi boilers have storage capacity, allowing you to keep a small tank to store water that can be heated instantly.

Can I install a combi boiler if I have low water pressure?
Low water pressure can be a problem at peak water usage times in some apartment and tenement flats, but there may be some methods you can use to raise water pressure.

In most houses, a combi boiler operates without any issues because it is fed directly by mains water from the road outside the home and, therefore, receives mains pressure.

If you do suffer from low water pressure in your house because you are located on a hill, for instance, you may be able to install a main booster pump or create a break tank to improve pressure.

How often do I add a central heating inhibitor to a combi boiler?
A central heating inhibitor is a maintenance measure for your boiler.

You add a chemical solution to the water to keep it working efficiently, prevent malfunctioning, and extend its life.

In particular, with metal piping and components, rust, limescale, and dirt can build up over time and may cause blockages and affect the performance of your boiler. This can also increase energy costs if your boiler starts to operate at sub-optimal efficiency.

With a combi boiler, it is important to add the central heating inhibitor to the system after it has been cleaned or received its maintenance cheque—usually annually at least.

Make sure the heating is turned off and the radiators are cool. Add the inhibitor directly into one of the radiators via the bleed valve or (in the case of the towel radiator) via the plug at the top.

Boiler Heating System Manufacturers

Boiler heating system manufactures that we install, service, clean, maintain and repair include (but are not limited to):

  • IBC
  • Eco King
  • Viesmann
  • Navien
  • Superhot (Allied Boilers)
  • Burnham
  • Weil Mclain
  • Lochinvar
  • NTI
  • Teledyne Laars
  • Rinnai
  • Intergas
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