Munchkin Boilers Replacements in Calgary Alberta

Munchkin Boiler Replacements


HTP Munchkin Boilers have been discontinued!

Many Calgary residents are probably all too aware that their Munchkin Boilers are coming up due for replacement as warranty periods are coming to an end. Don't worry! We at Alpha Plumbing are boiler & furnace home heating experts.

The Heat Transfer Products Munchkin is a discontinued fully modulating gas boiler with an efficiency of 90% AFUE.

It featured a stainless steel heat exchanger for optimal heat transfer and resistance to corrosion, and its compact, lightweight design provided greater installation flexibility.

An Inconel NIT burner and spark ignition assured reliable operation, while a self-diagnostic microprocessor control monitored the system and made servicing easier.

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Questions About Boiler Replacements?

The Munchkin boiler was one of the most solid and efficient boilers on the market. Some of the features that stood out were.

  • Stainless Steel Construction for durability
  • Sealed combustion for safety
  • State of the art microprocessor control system with self-diagnostics to easily solve issues associated with boilers
  • Energy Star certified and Environmentally friendly by emitting lower emissions than most

Benefits of a New Boiler Installation

No heating or hot water in your home or business makes for a miserable and freezing time for Calgary residents.

However, even if your existing boiler has not packed up completely you might consider a new boiler installation if it means:

  • Saving you money on energy bills (gas and electricity)
  • Solving the issue of persistent leaks or other recurring problems
  • A more efficient water-heating system than your older boiler
  • Not having to worry about whether parts are available (looking at you Munchkin)
  • Heading into future winters with greater peace of mind
  • Taking up less space (new boilers are often more compact)
  • Running more quietly than your older boiler
  • Fewer safety issues (especially electrical faults)
  • Adding significant value to your home

For Calgary boiler installations, experienced gas boiler technicians from Alpha Plumbing will visit your home or business.

We will provide several flat-rate options in writing so that you can make an informed decision about your boiler and there are no surprises.

Financing will be available if required and all work is covered by our one-year guarantee for parts and labour.

Questions About Boiler Replacements?

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