Calgary residential gas line services

The Advantages of Installing an Outdoor Gas Line

With electricity costs rising around Canada, Calgary homeowners are increasingly considering natural gas to power their homes. According to the Canada Energy Regulator: Natural gas is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for homes here. It can provide all the power you need for heating your home and cooking, as well as looking after your hot water and other needs. If …

Calgary furnace maintenance & plumbing services

Boiler Systems, Furnaces and the Environment

One of the major concerns in today’s world is climate change and the environment we leave to our children. Doing something about climate change is a tremendous task that everyone needs to take seriously and help to tackle, even the smallest actions can make a difference. Living in a colder climate like Alberta’s means our homes must be heated. Typically …

Gas Fitting Services so you can barbeque

Gas Fitting: Trust the Professionals

Barbecue Season Safety Summer is here, and with the warm weather, many Calgarians are considering the purchase of a new barbecue.If you are in the market for a new natural gas barbecue, or need to hook an existing one up to a gas line, your best bet is to rely on the skills of a professional gas fitter. Did you …

Calgary Plumber Installing a Sink

Your Plumbing Questions Answered

The Alberta housing market looks very different today than it did 20 years ago . There has been a shift away from the traditional family home, and an increase in Albertans looking to the rental market for their next apartment or house. Regardless of whether you rent or own, every home dweller is likely to have questions and concerns about …

Calgary plumbers fixing toilet

Your Calgary Plumber

The commercial and residential Calgary plumbing services that we offer provide our customers with plumbing solutions that meet the highest standards within our industry. We adhere to the best plumbing service practices and ensure that we meet Calgary and provincial by-laws. The best plumbing service provider should provide you with an excellent service along with dedicated, certified people. At Alpha …

Running Water from Sink

How to Maintain Hot Water in your Home

All of us do it, we take our hot water for granted every day and barely realize the luxury of having this available at our fingertips. Wondering how you get hot water in your home in the first place? Your boiler is turned on with an electric switch, which then allows gas to enter a sealed combustion chamber and heats …

Meat cooking on a BBQ

Summer Gas BBQ Safety Tips

It seems like this winter has gone on forever and for myself, I cannot wait to put the flip flops on and get outside and do some BBQ’ing! Before you fire it up for the season, a quick check-up can make sure your gas BBQ (propane or natural) is safe and ready to go