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Does Your Home Need a New Water Heater?

Having access to hot water is essential in our homes. Whether it is used in the kitchen for cooking and dishes, in the laundry room to wash our clothes, or in the bathroom for showers, hot water is a constant necessity in our lives.

When it is time to replace your current home water heater, there are more choices than ever before. Gas or electric? Tank or tankless water heater?

Calgary plumbing companies like Alpha Plumbing have experience with many different models and their certified, trained technicians can guide you through the process.

Alpha Plumbing stocks and installs a variety of water heater brands:

Water heaters are available in a gas or electric version (there are propane water heaters but these are not as common). You also have the choice of a traditional tank style or a tankless style. Most hot water tanks are now available with high efficiency ratings, good for your pocket and the environment.

Tankless water heaters, such as Rinnai models, have become a popular choice with home owners. If you and your family are always running out of hot water, some features of the tankless water heater to consider are:

  • Endless hot water
  • Hot water on Demand
  • Space savings
  • Affordability and efficiency
  • Environmental impact

The tankless water heater comes in models with various features you will want to discuss with your professional plumber at Alpha Plumbing. The Rinnai website includes some buying guides which will also prepare you to discuss your needs with your plumber.

As with all water heaters, you want to have a trained professional performing the installation. Venting, gas lines, electrical connections, and proper placement of the water heater are all considerations that only your professional plumber should be trusted with.

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The traditional tank heating system is still a popular choice. As they say at Alpha Plumbing:

“Our most economical option is the time tested, standing pilot, atmospheric gas hot water tank. A staple provider of hot water in the homes of Calgary’s established communities, basic and reliable is never a bad thing! Today’s atmospheric tanks come with updated warranties and mechanical parts, giving you guaranteed performance you can count on for years to come!”

As with tankless water heaters, tank heaters also come with a variety of options and features. Work with a professional technician to ensure you are choosing the model best for your home, and to have them install the product correctly.

Your home water heater is important for your home and your family. With all the models and features out there to choose from, trust the Alpha Plumbing team for the advice and expertise to get the job done right. To learn more about hot water tanks and water heating systems, and to get the best model, style, and installation services, Contact Alpha Plumbing Today.

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