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Call 403-470-5785 to talk to our friendly Customer Care Rep. Our Certified Technicians will diagnose your issue quickly and efficiently, after you welcome them into your home.

We will put together best practice options for getting your issue, or scope of work completed. Flat Rate quotes will be given to keep budgeting simple and eliminate surprise charges.

You pick which option best suits your budget and requirements.

We Get To Work
Alpha Tech’s get busy completing your work using industry leading materials and practices.

Job Completion
Alpha Plumbing Technicians take pride in leaving a spotless work area and proudly showing off our clean work! We are always happy to answer your questions and offer helpful maintenance tips.

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Before setting up a heating or plumbing appointment, feel free to request a professional consultation or ask a question. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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    Servicing Your Furnace Maximizes Your efficiency

    Furnace Repair Services in Calgary

    For us here in Calgary, the furnace is a little more important than it is for people in other areas of the country without our harsh climate.

    Nobody wants to be left without heat in mid-winter – but in Calgary that sometimes applies in autumn, spring or even summer too!

    Unless your furnace is regularly serviced, you may be left in the cold and facing expensive repairs.

    The professionals at Alpha Plumbing have been helping Calgary residents and businesses keep warm for years.

    We’ll service your furnace or have a broken furnace back working in tip-top condition in no time…

    Learn More Furnace & Heating Guide for Calgary Residence

    Learn More Furnace-related Service Frequently Asked Questions


    Furnace Service Checklist

    Maintenance we Perform on All Calgary Furnace Services


    • Combustible Leak Check of Gas Piping
    • Venting System Visual check
    • Combustion Air Intake Present
    • Furnace Filter Check + Replacement
    • Remove, Clean + Re-install Flame Rod

    • Ignitor Inspection
    • Inducer Motor Inspection
    • Pressure Switch(s) + Tubing Check
    • Main Burner Box and Blower Area Cleaning
    • Electrical Connection + Control board Check
    • Furnace Blower + Fan Speed Check

    • Home Thermostat(s) Check
    • CO Monitoring check
    • Visual Combustion Check
    • Mech Room + General Housekeeping Check
    • Hot Water Tank Visual Check


    Furnace and Home Heating Experts for the Calgary Region

    We believe in top quality from top to bottom!

    That means peace of mind for Calgary homeowners and business owners in these four areas:

    • Top-quality workmanship from certified and professional technicians
    • Top-quality equipment and materials used
    • Top-quality communication with our clients
    • Top-quality all-round customer service based on building lasting relationships

    Backing this up from a technical standpoint, we have a broad range of experience in all aspects of plumbing for Calgary homes and commercial properties.

    All this means that, when it comes to furnaces and home heating, our technicians show up at your door with a good idea of what you need – and how to accomplish it.

    During our visit, we believe in open communication and may present some options for you to choose from (all clearly detailed on an “options sheet” with transparent pricing).

    We can repair or service any type of residential or commercial furnace in Calgary and keep your property warm whether you are a:

    • Homeowner
    • Non-profit organization
    • Restaurant
    • Community association
    • Hotel or other business
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    Furnace Maintenance Services


    Rest assured, no matter the problem with your furnace, we’ll bring it back to life to keep your home toasty warm just when you need it.

    As part of the service, all repair work comes with a one-year, industry-standard guarantee.

    So, if the same problem does occur again, you’re covered and we’ll be out to fix it fast.

    Once we have completed the repairs, we leave you with a detailed statement of the current condition of your furnace and, of course, leave your home as clean and tidy as we found it!

    LEARN MORE Types of Furnaces Found in Calgary Homes

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    Regular maintenance of your furnace is important to retain optimal performance. It will also help you save money from expensive repairs later on.

    A neglected, un-serviced furnace may impact your HVAC system and may:

    • Run with excessive power consumption (gas or electricity)
    • Be less able to control the temperature in your home
    • Become very noisy
    • Be more likely to break down
    • Be less able to manage indoor air quality
    • Become unsafe

    Servicing should consist of regular cleaning and testing all the vital mechanics of your furnace.

    It’s important to have a once-yearly furnace tune-up, at least, for peace of mind.

    Ideally, you will get one of our technicians to check the furnace at the end of every heating season so that it’s all set and ready for the next.

    Also note that to maintain the warranty for your furnace, some manufacturers insist on annual maintenance being performed.

    The furnace maintenance services at Alpha Plumbing include:

    • Air filter cleaning and/or replacements
    • Checking static air pressure, gas pressure, and temperature rise
    • Cleaning the furnace blower assembly, belts, and pulleys to blower/motor housing
    • Carbon monoxide testing
    • Inspection of the burners and electrics
    • Inspection of the heat exchanger for potential rust and corrosion

    We all know how unpredictable Calgary weather is. A regular furnace service helps you prepare better for that unpredictability.

    Need the furnace in the middle of summer? Tick!

    As part of our maintenance service, we will leave you with a detailed statement of the current condition of your furnace.

    We will also provide honest recommendations for any repairs required.

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    Furnace Repair Services

    Furnaces are designed to keep your property warm and, if they’re not running at maximum efficiency, they’re not doing their job properly.

    If your furnace is neglected, becomes dirty or overworked due to a lack of attention, it can use excess gas or electricity, become noisy, develop faults, and require repair.

    It can even stop giving out any heat at all. Brrrrrr….

    You can bet your life that, if your furnace is going to have a problem, it will be in the depths of winter when it’s needed most!

    When our repair technicians visit you, we start with a diagnosis and inspection. From there, flat rate repair options will be provided to you so that there are no pricing surprises.

    Whether it’s a noisy furnace or a more serious issue where no heat is being emitted, we can get your furnace safe and operational again. Fast.

    Other than the problems of no heat or too much noise being emitted, typical furnace repair issues include:

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    furnace service

    We service & repair a variety of residential + commercial furnaces in Calgary

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    Furnace Service Frequently Asked Questions


    The furnace might just be the most important piece of equipment in your Calgary home. And like any valued member of the family, it needs a little TLC now and again.

    Furnace maintenance should appear regularly at the top of your to-do list so that you’re not left paying excessive bills or shivering at the time when you need your heating most.


    We frequently Service, maintain, & install furnaces from these companies:

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