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    Calgary Multi-Zone Heating System Installation

    Maximum efficiency for your Calgary home heating

    Many homes in Calgary are simply not energy-efficient when it comes to heating because they are paying for their furnace to heat spaces that don’t need to be heated!

    It’s natural that homes have warmer and cooler spots, according to their aspect, the amount of sunlight that comes in, insulation methods, etc.

    Why try to control all this from one thermostat on the main floor?

    That’s what most homes are set up for but it makes little sense and may be costing you unnecessary dollars on your monthly energy bills.

    A multi-zone heating system can help you pay only for the energy you need while ensuring that you are toasty warm in the places where you need to be.

    At Alpha Plumbing, we have helped many Calgary homeowners tackle their heating issues with multi-zone heating systems and we can do the same for you.

    Multi-Zone Furnace Systems

    Multi-zone furnace systems use multiple wireless thermostats positioned on different floors of your property so that each area can be warmed to a different temperature, as needed.

    The thermostats control dampers in the air ducts of your heating system, increasing or decreasing the amount of heated air entering each space and therefore adjusting the “climate” of that zone.

    These thermostats are easy to install and require no wiring inside the walls.

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    What are the main advantages of multi-zoning?

    The standout advantage of a properly-installed multi-zone furnace heating system is the money it saves.

    As mentioned, using one thermostat for the whole house invariably means that you are paying to heat space that does not need to be heated.

    Why pay for the unused guest bedroom to be heated to the same temperature as your living room where the whole family gets together?

    With a multi-zone system, because you are only heating spaces to the required temperatures, you can save money on your energy bills.

    This type of system also provides more control over the heating of your home so that you and your family remain comfortable at all times.

    As well as choosing the temperature of each zone, you are able to specify humidity, fan speed, and ventilation from the centralized remote-control system.

    As ever, the quality of the installation will affect the energy-efficiency and the effectiveness of your system. Be sure to use the services of licensed installation professionals like Alpha Plumbing.


    How multi-zoning systems work best in Calgary


    Multi-zone furnace systems work with most reasonably modern and high-efficiency furnaces. They usually work best in Calgary homes when:

    • You have multiple floors requiring different temperatures, airflow, and humidity levels
    • You have large areas of the home that go unused for long periods
    • Family members have different temperature preferences
    • There are areas of the house that never seem to warm up (like basements)
    • There is a garage that blocks the sun from heating the main living area

    Providing you install the system professionally, it will work at optimal efficiency if you have a good understanding of your family’s daily habits and routines. This will affect which zones you heat and which can remain cool during the day and night.

    The systems installed by Alpha Plumbing are easy to program and make it easy for you set up your multi-zone heating arrangements, adjusting the temperature up for when you’re using a certain zone and down for when it is usually unoccupied.

    It even allows you to program differently for weekends when routines may change and your family uses different areas of the house.

    Do you like to use the games room in the basement on Saturday afternoons? Well, you can make sure that it’s at the right temperature at that specific time.

    See what we mean about the extra control that multi-zone heating provides?

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    Popular misconceptions about zoning


    While you’ve seen how it is possible to create multiple zones in your home according to daily routines, how easy heating individual rooms to different temperatures is will depend upon the layout of your home.

    For many homes, the most practical solution is to heat groups of rooms to the same temperature. In this way, you can achieve more even heating throughout your home and increase the comfort levels for you and your family.

    South-facing rooms might be in one zone for instance and cooler basement areas or north-facing rooms in another zone.

    Speak to your Alpha Plumbing furnace heating specialist for advice on the installation and setup of your multi-zone furnace heating system. We are licensed technicians for all your heating requirements.

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    Adding multi-zoning system to existing HVAC

    Fortunately, installing a multi-zoning heating and cooling system does not require a completely new install.

    With the right expertise, you can add multi-zoning to your existing HVAC system.

    Alpha Plumbing can add a zone control panel to your existing HVAC unit and this will act as the main control centre. It is normally positioned directly next to the HVAC unit.

    From here, you can heat and cool different zones according to the settings you determine for the various thermostats in your HVAC system.

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