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    Gas Fire Tables for Calgary Residence

    Custom Fire Pit Tables Installations for Calgary Residences

    Calgary Gas Fire Pit Installation Service

    If you want to make those chilly summer evenings in Calgary a little cozier or sit outside with friends and enjoy the outdoors in spring or autumn, a gas fire pit is the most convenient option.

    With so many choices now available, a custom gas fire pit can suit the comfort needs and look you’re after. Whether you are after a portable system or a permanent one, traditional or ultra-modern, several fuel options are available.

    Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a gas fire pit for your home – and before choosing your model.

    Top 5 Reasons to Install a Gas Fire Pit

    No Reasons Not to Install a Custom Fire Feature

    5 Top Reasons to Install a Gas Fire Pit

    Easy to fire up and down

    Gas fire pits provide push-button spark ignitions to get the outdoor area fired up. No matches are required (though it’s an option if you prefer).

    Most systems provide electronic or hot-wire ignition to start up. Turning them off is a breeze - just blow it, control it with the dial or flick a switch.

    Better control over heat levels

    It’s important to be able to quickly adjust the heat according to your comfort requirements - we all know how quickly the temperatures can plummet in Calgary.

    Gas fire pits utilize small dials to control the amount of fuel released to the fire, which can easily lower the flame on warmer evenings but crank it up when those temperatures fall.

    Traditional outdoor heating systems do not offer this level of control over the heat output.

    Environmentally friendly

    Whichever fuel option you choose – propane or natural gas – the flame is a clean-burning one which makes it better for the environment.

    There are no harmful by-products such as soot or ash produced by the fire pit, which is healthier for you, your family, and the planet.

    Get the look you want

    You can customize how your fire pit looks using “fillers”. These change up the appearance of the fire pit and allow you to quickly create new looks, such as lava rock, log fire, fire glass or fire crystal looks. You decide.

    This is just another example of the flexibility provided by gas fire pits over traditional outdoor heating systems.

    Easy to fire up and down

    Whether you’re after a permanent or portable gas fire pit, it’s not going to create a major upheaval to get it up and running.

    Installation is easy when you have the professionals at Alpha Plumbing to help. Give us a call on (403) 470-5785 to book an installation or read on for more info…

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    residential gas fitting

    It’s the perfect time of year to upgrade your outdoor setup, and a fire feature combines the best of efficiency, functionality, and modern aesthetic. Alpha Plumbing pairs expert gas fitters with a range of product options to provide the most seamless install experience in Calgary, and worry-free use for years to come.

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    Fire Table Features We Install

    All propane & natural gas fire tables are installed by a professional gas fitter

    Regency Plateau

    • Natural Gas or Propane
    • Stainless Steel Burners
    • Gas Safety Valve
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    Dreamcast BLOQ

    • Handmade in Canada
    • Available in 8 Colours
    • Natural Gas or Propane
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    HPC fire-inspired fire pits

    The Hearth Products Controls Company (HPC) is a well-established manufacturer of high-end electronic ignition gas fire pits and other hearth products.

    At Alpha Plumbing, we recommend these high-quality units and have installed many around Calgary. The custom-design models are particularly popular with homeowners here.

    With push-button ignition models and a range of both fixed and portable fire pits and other outdoor fireplace accessories, HPC products provide the convenience, flexibility and reliability you need.

    Why HPC Fire Pits?

    Thoughtful Innovation

    • Elegant fire pit designs
    • Unlimited control and styling options
    • Innovative technology
    • Unrivalled customization
    • Ease of use

    Built to Last

    • Strong stainless-steel construction
    • High heat tolerance
    • High performance
    • Safer and longer-lasting than brass burner fire pits

    Tested for Safety

    • The most CSA certifications in the industry
    • NFI-certified technicians to install
    • The safest and most dependable fire features available

    Types of Gas Fire Pits

    Propane Fire Pits

    All you need to fire up a propane fire pit is a standard propane tank available from any hardware store.

    Position the tank near the fire pit, connect it up with the hose attachments, press the push-button spark ignition and start heating your space almost instantly. No getting your hands dirty with this option – and when you are ready to turn it off, click the switch.

    Some gas fire pits are built purposely tall to conceal the propane tanks inside. When the tank is placed externally and connected via a hose, the tank can be concealed with a cover if you prefer.

    Propane Fire Pits

    The same natural gas supply that runs into your home can fuel your fire pit.

    Make sure that a licensed technician runs a new gas line from your home or gas meter to your fire pit – don’t attempt to do this yourself.

    The advantage of a natural gas fire pit is that you have a steady supply of gas so that you never need to worry about changing a tank.


    Need A Custom Gas Fire Pit Installed?

    Costs to install a new fire feature and gas line can vary in both scope of work and price. Typically, costs are $3500+ for residential features.

    If you need assistance with selecting and installing a custom gas fire pit, call Alpha Plumbing on (403) 470-5785 to arrange a call out from an experienced technician.


    Our Fire Pit Feature Install Process Includes:

    • Gas Fitters
    • All scope of work analysis and installation is performed by a Red Seal Technician with state of the art appliance safety, leak detection, and carbon monoxide practices.
    • Residential Gas Line Installation
    • Once new work is complete, all piping is checked by means of pressure test, leak detector, or combustible gas meter. All new appliances are tested by the same means, ensuring safe performance.
    • Residential Gas Line Maintenance
    • What appliance need attention before gas is turned off? The technician will evaluate and bring appliances back online when pas pressure is restored.
    • Residential Gas Line Repair
    • All City of Calgary gas permits are discussed, booked, and arranged by Alpha Plumbing. When necessary, we include these prices in our quotes. All we ask that is that you are available to welcome the inspector onto your property!
    • Residential Gas Line Replacement
    • Your technician will offer a complimentary 10-point carbon monoxide inspection of the gas appliances and CO monitoring system in your home. Every year, 300 Canadians lose their lives to CO poisoning. Alpha Plumbing is committed to doing our part to lower this number.

    Don't Settle for Generic Box Store Fire Pits

    What else do you need to know about gas fire pit installations?

    We’d be happy to discuss custom fire pit options and accommodate any of your gas line and pipe installations specifically for your new fire structure.

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