Is it Time for a Boiler Replacement?

Image of a newly installed IBC Boiler.

Boiler Replacement Calgary, AB – How to know when it’s time for your boiler to go

Boilers are responsible for up to 60% of your electric bill, which is why it is so important to make sure they are working efficiently. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your boiler is running efficiently and to judge when it is time to replace it. Answer these 5 questions to know if it’s time to call Alpha Plumbing for boiler service, maintenance, or replacement!

How old is your boiler?

A boiler can last up to 15 years, however, newer models have been created to be more efficient and save money. If your boiler is reaching the 15-year mark, it may be time to prepare for the expenses of buying a new boiler.

Are your gas or electrical bills on the rise?

Pay close attention to your energy expenditures. If you have been observing your electricity or gas bills steadily increasing over time this may be a sign of a malfunctioning boiler. Additionally, if you have been paying for regular maintenance to your boiler it may be time to consider replacing your boiler. In these situations, you must compare the costs of a new boiler and the rising costs of maintenance in order to make an educated decision.

What colour are your boiler flames?

Flames should be blue when burning on the gas burner and there should never be black soot or yellow flames. If you observe these signs, the fuel may not be burning correctly and may be producing carbon monoxide. This can be an extreme hazard and maintenance should be scheduled as soon as possible.

Too Hot? Too Cool? Never “Just Right”

Issues in temperature control can be another sign that your boiler is not functioning as it should. If you are uncomfortable because your water is too hot or too cold or you are having trouble regulating the heat in your Alberta home, this may be because your boiler is not working as efficiently as it should be.

Do you see water around the boiler?

A boiler should never leak, and if you observe water around your boiler, this means a valve or seal may be broken. Water leakage can be hazardous as it can cause short-circuiting.

Home Heating Tips from your Calgary, AB Plumber:

  • Make sure your home is properly insulted. You are paying to keep your home warm during cold Calgary, AB winters, and if it is poorly insulated, you are throwing away your hard-earned dollars!
  • It is highly recommended that all homes contain carbon monoxide monitors near your boiler and furnace room just in case there is a malfunction with your boiler. Stay safe instead of sorry!
  • Know where your boiler is and what it looks like! We know this might be obvious to some, but to know whether your boiler is working properly, it helps to know where to look for it! Boilers are typically found in the basement of your home in the mechanical room where you would find your furnace, hot water tank, central vacuum, drains, and water shut-offs. Gas and steam boilers look typically like a large metal box with water pipes flowing in and out on different sides. Many boilers have heat controls on a digital screen, and depending on the type of boiler in your home will have a brand name (such as IBC Boiler) and electrical or gas hookups. Knowing where to look for your home’s boiler can save you time and hassle.

Alpha Plumbing is your Calgary, AB boiler expert. We are happy to help you with residential or commercial boilers, boiler repair, replacement or installations, and scheduled cleaning or servicing for your boiler. We are experienced and licensed to work on practically every brand of residential or commercial gas boiler, low, mid, and high-efficiency boilers, and steam boilers. Look for the brand of your boiler (IBC, Ecoking, Weil Mclain, Viesmann etc.) before calling so we can prepare to best serve you. Alpha Plumbing also offers Calgary, AB-wide emergency boiler repair when you need it most.

Do you have concerns with your boiler after reviewing these questions? Give Alpha Plumbing a call at 403-470-5785 or request service online, and we can provide the best advice on your boiler needs!

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