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    Shower Repairs & Replacements

    Shower Repair Services in Calgary

    For Calgary homeowners, the shower can be a refuge from the cold or the perfect relaxing end to another busy day.

    Either way, when something goes wrong and you can’t enjoy that five or ten minutes to yourself under a hot shower, the day just doesn’t feel right.

    Maybe it’s just a worsening leak from your shower that needs fixing before it causes water damage to your bathroom or the room below?

    For problems with your shower unit, you may need a professional plumber who specializes in shower repair services, but there are also some troubleshooting steps (described below) that you can take before calling our team at Alpha Plumbing.

    Some simple leaks are relatively easily fixed but most demand the right tools and know-how. Once we know the details, we’ll send somebody out to your home to give an honest assessment of the shower repairs you need and provide a clear estimate of costs.

    What shower repair services do we provide?

    At Alpha Plumbing, our team fixes shower problems of all types, regardless of the type of unit you have: traditional, modern, digital or steam showers.

    We’re trained to work on all types of shower systems and water heaters and our services include:

    • Shower valve repair
    • Shower faucet repair
    • Shower diverter repair
    • Outdoor shower repair
    • Shower pan repair
    • Shower leak repair
    plumbing leak

    If your shower isn't working the way it should and you need to repair or replace it, contact Alpha Plumbing in Calgary at (403) 470-5785 for an honest assessment from a qualified technician.

    We know all the major brands and can repair most problems but will advise you if a new shower installation is recommended.

    Let Us Help You Save Money

    Do you need to replace the shower valve?

    One of the most common problems with showers in Calgary homes is with the shower valve/handle, which needs fixing or replacing.

    Shower valves and handles are an integral part of how your shower works to deliver water at the right temperature. They use internal cartridges or stems plus 0-rings (washers) to control the flow of hot and cold water and to provide water at the desired temperature.

    Often, simply replacing the shower valve fixes the problem. Some showers have two handles rather than one, which may mean both valves need replacement.

    For more serious problems., the entire assembly must be replaced and this creates extra expenses. Some bathroom remodelling may be needed. If there is no access panel exposing the assembly and plumbing, it may need invasive repairs behind the assembly rather than from the shower, increasing complications and repair costs.

    How do you know if you need to replace the shower valve?

    Signs of a worn-out valve include:

    • Dripping/leaking even with the handle closed tight
    • The water temperature is difficult to balance
    • Shower pressure fluctuates, especially when water is being used elsewhere in the home

    What does replacing a shower valve involve?

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    Shower pan / floor leaks

    A leaking shower can cause a lot of damage to a home and much of the damage goes unseen until it is already expensive to repair.

    Because of the frequency with which the shower water is turned on in most Calgary homes, even small shower leaks and drips can impact the room below the bathroom quite quickly.

    That’s why it’s important not to ignore a leak in the shower pan/floor or any other leak from the shower unit/area.

    Early fixes are usually much cheaper and quicker than if you leave the problem to develop. The more extensive the repairs, the longer the shower will be out of action too, adding to the inconvenience.

    Our plumbers can help you repair a leaky shower pan/floor so that the problem is contained and does not lead to major repairs for water damage.

    Shower drain leaks

    Some of the most common repairs we make to toilets in Calgary are:

    • Fitting a new flapper valve or flush handle for running toilets
    • Fixing a ventilation problem for a bubbling toilet
    • Repairing or replacing handles for a flushing problem
    • Inserting plastic shims underneath and repairing wax seals for rocking or wobbly toilets
    • Replacing a cracked toilet seat with a new one
    • Adding rubber bushings and seat stabilizers for loose seats
    • Removing clogs in the plumbing system with specialist equipment

    Sometimes, problems with shower doors mean that they cannot contain spray and splashes from the shower. This is usually due to one of several reasons:

    • The door is not well fitted: if doors are too short or do not close all the way, water will pool on the bathroom floor
    • Doors are cracked: sometimes water seeps through cracks in the shower door
    • Door tracks not draining: the door tracks should be waterproof canals with tiny outlets along them to allow water to drain back inside the shower. If these holes become clogged or hard water builds up, they may need professional attention.
    • Door tracks not sealed: where the tracks join the shower door frames at the walls, they need adequate sealing with bathroom caulking.

    Shower door leaks

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    Shower repairs in Calgary

    For shower repairs in Calgary, an experienced shower technician from Alpha Plumbing will visit your home and discuss your options.

    All plumbing work is covered by our one-year guarantee for parts and labour.


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