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    Sump Pumps

    Sump Pump Services in Calgary

    Sump pumps are installed in Calgary homes to channel water away from the lowest point of the foundations and protect basements from flooding.

    This is especially important for homes in low-lying areas during times of heavy rain, when they may be at risk of expensive water damage. By channelling water away from the basement, you can sleep easy that water will not flood and damage your home or risk your family’s health.

    But what happens when the pump stops working?

    If this happens during a wet period in Calgary, urgent sump pump repairs may be required, meaning a call to the team at Alpha Plumbing.

    One of our professional plumbers will visit your home, diagnose the problem and repair your sump pump before water starts to endanger the property.

    How does a sump pump work?

    Many Calgary homes install sump pumps in basement floors — usually in specially constructed sump pits.

    They work to protect the basement from flooding. When water flows into the pit through drains or via the soil, the sump pump channels the water away from the basement to keep it dry.

    It’s important when installing a sump pump to select the right model to handle the job. It must be powerful enough to keep the basement dry, depending on the volume of water it needs to pump out.

    A sump pump that is too small may still result in a flooded basement. If it is too big, it may cycle on and off too often and reduce its lifespan.

    plumbing leak

    With the wetter seasons approaching soon it is worth making sure your sump pump is in working order to avoid flooding in your home or business. Contact Alpha Plumbing in Calgary at (403) 470-5785 for an honest assessment from a qualified technician.

    Let Us Help Keep Your Home Dry

    Sump pump maintenance considerations

    Before we consider some typical sump pump repairs, you should ask what you can do to ensure that future repairs are not necessary for your pump.

    Like with any other pump (or, indeed, any mechanical device in your home), regular maintenance can help prevent issues and avoid an emergency in your basement.

    Here are some basic things you can do as the homeowner to extend the life of your pump and prevent issues:

    • Check the pump’s float periodically (every few months)
    • Clean the sump pit regularly
    • Check the sump pit valve to ensure it is free of debris

    Beyond checking these issues, it’s best to schedule at least an annual maintenance checkup from a professional plumber to keep your pit in good condition and your sump pump in good working order.

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    Common sump pump issues in Calgary

    When a sump pump stops working or is not working properly, it could be for many reasons.

    There are several different sump pump designs and models but a few of the same issues tend to come up again and again in Calgary homes — and our harsh climate doesn’t help matters.

    The main reasons include:

    • Improper installation causes a sump pump to fail
    • An electrical sump pump malfunctions due to a power failure
    • The pump is too small for the basement and breaks down from being overworked
    • The basement drainage system is not effective enough
    • The pump is clogged, preventing proper drainage
    • Clogged or frozen discharge lines prevent proper drainage
    • The sump pump switch gets stuck, causing it to run non-stop

    Don’t leave anything to chance. If you suspect that you have one of the above issues, call us at Alpha Plumbing to avoid a flooded basement in your home.

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    Common sump pump repairs: troubleshooting the main issues

    There are some obvious — and not-so-obvious — signs that your drains are blocked and need cleaning:

    Sump repairs in Calgary

    For sump repairs in Calgary, an experienced technician from Alpha Plumbing will visit your home and discuss your options.

    All plumbing work is covered by our one-year guarantee for parts and labour.

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