Meat cooking on a BBQ outside a Calgary residence

Summer Gas BBQ Safety Tips

It seems like this winter has gone on forever and for myself, I cannot wait to put the flip flops on and get outside and do some BBQ’ing! Before you fire it up for the season, a quick check-up can make sure your gas BBQ (propane or natural) is safe and ready to go:

  • Visually inspect all flex hoses. Our cold and wet Calgary winter can be hard on the rubber BBQ flex hoses. The adverse weather leaves them prone to freeze ups which leads to cracking. Have a look, if you see noticeable deterioration or suspect a leak - replace it!

  • Inspect and test your BBQ shut off valve. Get in the habit of using the valve every single time you use your BBQ. When you are cooking, valve is on, when you are done, close the valve! No sense leaving live gas on to your BBQ while it is sitting idle!

  • Check the condition of the burners and clean if necessary. Years of cooking build up can often clog the BBQ burners. A simple brush and clean of the burners gives you increased cooking performance and safety ensuring none of the small gas orfices are clogged or blocked.  If you are noticing soot buildup on your BBQ, cleaning becomes absolutely vital. Soot is a sign of incomplete combustion, meaning the air : gas ratio of the burners is not ideal. If soot returns after things have been cleaned up, give us a call and we can provide some options to get you on the right path!

  • We are all guilty of leaving our BBQ running for too long, using the excuse of “its just heating up” or “I will be right out”! Establish a safety routine in your house hold that includes your spouse, kids, family members. Remind each other to shut off all outside gas appliances when not in use and enjoy a great, safe summer!