Troubleshooting your broken furnace before Autumn

Troubleshooting your broken furnace before Autumn

Is your home feeling chilly due to a broken furnace?

Alpha Plumbing in Calgary is your trusted partner in diagnosing and resolving furnace troubles. We understand the discomfort a malfunctioning furnace can bring, especially during colder seasons. Our experts are here to guide you through the process of troubleshooting your furnace, ensuring your home remains cozy and comfortable.

If you feel your furnace problems are beyond a quick fix, call Alpha Plumbing immediately. With our comprehensive expertise and commitment to quality, we aim to alleviate your concerns and restore warmth to your home. From thermostat adjustments to investigating pilot light concerns, we'll provide furnace services tailored to your situation.

Trust Alpha Plumbing to be your go-to resource when it comes to navigating furnace challenges.

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Ensure Proper Thermostat Settings

Begin your troubleshooting journey by checking your thermostat settings. Set it to "heat" and ensure the temperature is high enough to activate the furnace. Remember, your furnace needs time to heat up before the blower kicks in. If you're uncertain about operating your thermostat, keep the user guide nearby for quick reference. It's a handy troubleshooting tool to consult when startup problems occur.

Check Thermostat Batteries

For battery-operated thermostats, low battery levels can be the culprit behind furnace issues. Pay attention to any flashing "low battery" icon on the control screen. If you spot this warning, promptly replace the batteries to ensure seamless thermostat functionality.

Verify Furnace Switch

Before diving deeper into furnace troubleshooting, ensure your furnace power switch is in the "on" position. This switch can be located on the side of the furnace or even on a wall-mounted switch. In some cases, a switch may have an associated fuse. Examine it closely for signs of blackening or burning. If you encounter any issues, consider hiring a licensed professional to address the situation.

Investigate Tripped Breakers

If your furnace appears to have power but still isn't operating correctly, it's worth checking for tripped circuit breakers. Your electrical panel should ideally be labeled "Furnace" or "HVAC" for easy identification. If not, look for any breakers that have tripped and reset them if necessary. Keep in mind that while this may temporarily restore power, a tripped breaker or burnt fuse could indicate larger electrical issues that require professional evaluation.

Secure Front Panel Door

Modern furnaces incorporate safety switches on their front panels to prevent engagement if the door isn't securely closed. Make sure the panel door is properly latched before proceeding. Consult your furnace's owner's manual for guidance if you're unsure about its proper closure.
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Verify Pilot Light

For gas furnaces, a functional pilot light is essential for proper operation. The pilot ignition acts as a safety feature to prevent gas flow until there's a ready flame to ignite the burners. While relighting a pilot light can be potentially hazardous, it's recommended to seek professional assistance from a licensed technician for any adjustments within your furnace.

Address Clogged Filters

Dirty and clogged furnace filters are a common culprit behind furnace problems. Filters are designed to capture dust, hair, and particles, but when left unattended, they can obstruct proper airflow. If your furnace is running but warm air isn't circulating effectively, inspecting and replacing filters may be the solution.

Open Vents and Registers

If your furnace is operational but you're still experiencing a chilly home, it's worth examining your outflow vents and registers. Sometimes, they can be inadvertently closed or obstructed, especially those located in the floor. Ensure vents are open and unblocked, allowing warm air to circulate efficiently.

Clear Fresh Air Intake

Not all furnaces vent through chimneys. Newer models often have side vents for fresh air intake and exhaust. These openings can sometimes get obstructed by snow, leaves, insects, or moisture, causing venting issues. In such cases, it's advisable to consult a licensed technician for expert advice on venting solutions tailored to your furnace setup.

Seek Professional Help

While troubleshooting is a valuable step, the ultimate assurance comes from professional inspection and maintenance. Prioritize your furnace's performance and longevity with annual maintenance performed by experts like Alpha Plumbing. Our licensed technicians can detect and address potential issues before they escalate. If your furnace challenges persist despite your best efforts, don't hesitate to contact us for in-depth diagnostics and assistance.

Troubleshooting a malfunctioning furnace requires methodical steps and expert guidance. At Alpha Plumbing in Calgary, we're dedicated to ensuring your home's comfort and warmth. Whether it's routine maintenance or intricate repairs, our experienced team is here to guide you throughout your furnace journey.

Remember, a dependable and well-maintained furnace is your key to cozy winters without any unexpected chills.

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